Custom Instruments and Equipment

Alex, Geddy, and Neil over the years have helped design instruments and other equipment for sale by manufacturers under their signature design lines. Here’s what’s available today:

Alex’s Les Paul Axcess Gibson

Lerxst GibsonNeck heel and portions of the back at the upper cutaway contoured to provide unimpeded reach up to the 22nd fret. Floyd Rose tailpiece, optimized for subtle vibrato wobbles to dramatic, rumbling dive-bombs. Exposed-coil 496R and 498T pickups in neck and bridge yield tonal opportunities, from ultra crunch to driving leads.

$4,299 on Amazon

$4,399 at Gibson

Geddy’s Fender Jazz bass

Geddy Bass

Replica of Geddy’s bass on “Tom Sawyer,” “Vital Signs,” “Witch Hunt,” and “Limelight” from Moving Pictures.

$899.99 on Amazon

$7,600 for limited edition replica

Alex’s Lerxst Omega Amp and Speaker Cabinet

Lerxst HeadLerxst Cab

$2,995 on the Lerxst Amp site

$925 for 2×12 cabinet

$1,550 for 4×12 cabinet

More in “The Lerxst Amp: Slaying and Melting Faces”

Neil’s Shira Kashi Oak Drum Sticks


Features classic 5A diameter, with longer and thicker taper. Large oval bead provides dark, warm tone. Perfect stick for more volume
More on ProMark

$10.95 on Amazon

Lerxst Omega Walk-up Guitar Performer Stand

Omega Stand Alex OmegaDesigned by Alex years ago to enable walk-up playing, but apparently unavailable for sale.

However, other walk-up performer stands are available from K&M, among other companies. On Sweetwater, the music instrument and audio store, the K&M stand retails for $299.99. K&M also makes a walk-up stand for electric guitars.

KM stand

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5 Responses to “Custom Instruments and Equipment”

  1. Alex has another signature Custom Shop Gibson, It’s the white ES-355, limited edition, only 300 made.

  2. under Geddy’s bass you listed Limelight being from Permanent Waves album. It’s not. It’s from Moving Pictures also. Geddy also uses this bass when playing live.

  3. Maryland-made PRS Guitars has released a Lifeson-inspired acoustic guitar. Their electrics were his go-to instrument in the 90’s.

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