The Lerxst Amp: Slaying and Melting Faces

Mojotone, in Burgaw, N.C., has partnered with Alex to sell the amp and matching speaker cabinet they designed for him for the Clockwork Angels tour. Lerxst Head

The Lerxst Omega amplifier is completely hand-wired and sells for $2,995. It’s very much like the Marshall Silver Jubilee Alex uses in the studio but with customized features he designed. The matching Lerxst Omega 2×12 Cabinet is $925, and the matching 4×12 cabinet is $1,550.

Lerxst Shirt If you’re not ready to part with your old equipment yet, you can always just get the Lerxst Omega T-shirt for $19.95 and at least look like you have the new equipment!

Lerxst Cab

When Alex first took delivery of the amp, he says, two weeks before the start of the tour, he fell in love with what he was hearing. “I am so blown away by the fantastic job you and your colleagues have done. We pulled the Marshall last night after A/B-ing the two. The tonal character is quite similar but the response of the Lerxst has greater immediacy, sustain and grip. It sounds so good!”

Mojotone created a website for the amp and cabinets, at, and they posted a few demo videos. One is by Gear Man Dude, who walks you through a 14-minute demonstration of the amp’s tone and effects. Sounds like he’s a fan:

“Can’t you just imagine this amp with these two cabinets just completely slaying and melting faces for a couple of hours? Whoo! I would love that.”

Lerxst Gibson

In any case, if you need a new guitar to play through your new amp, you can always get Alex’s signature Gibson guitar, his Les Paul Axcess. That sells for around $4,000.

Gear Man Dude’s demo video is below.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

Thanks to RushIsABand for the head’s up.

What makes Alex’s playing unique? You decide!

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