Zack Snyder is Clockwork Angels Director of Choice

Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Batman vs. Superman, and Dawn of the Dead, among other films, is the director of choice of Kevin J, Anderson if Clockwork Angels is ever made anarchistinto a movie. Anderson is the co-author with Neil of the novel version of Clockwork Angels. In an interview he and Neil gave to a publication called PREVIEWSworld, Anderson said Snyder seems like a good fit.

“I love . . . how he pumps his visuals way out of the envelope,” Anderson said.

Clockwork Angels as a concept, with the popular album, tour, novel, and forthcoming graphic novel, has become an enterprise unto itself. “Honestly,” said Neil, “it’s grown bigger than anything I ever imagined or aspired toward.”


The graphic novel is slated to release in six installments later this year. Nick Robles has been tapped as the artist.

“Having been highly impressed by Nick’s early sketches of characters and settings, I will be looking forward to seeing his visions of the grander backgrounds, like Crown City, the Carnival, and the Wreckers,” Neil said. “Nick has some big challenges ahead of him.”

Read the interview in its entirety. CA-graphic-cover

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