Clockwork Angels to Get Comic Book Treatment

Robles1Well, it’s not yet a movie, but Clockwork Angels continues to get storybook treatment. Boom! Studios in 2014 is releasing a six-issue comic book mini series based on the novelized version of the album by Neil and Kevin J. Anderson. The artist is Nick Robles of Louisiana, whose style of work is described in a USA Today write-up on the project as a Norman Rockwell take on The Hobbit. Not a bad description.

UPDATE: Pre-order the first of six issues.

Robles2This won’t be the first attempt at combining a musical concept with the comic book format for Boom! The publisher previously released Polarity, by Max Bemis of Say Anything, and Kill Audio, by Caludio Sanchez of Cambria, according to USA Today.

In the novelized version of the story, which came out in early 2012, Owen Hardy leaves his small town for Crown City, where he works at a carnival and gets caught up in the chaos of the world. He returns to the simple life, wiser and at peace with himself, to cultivate what matters to him: the love and respect of those in his life.

You can get a bit more on the art of Nick Robles is at his website. He concentrates on science fiction and fantasy. Here’s a detail from a piece that isn’t related to the Clockwork Angels project. Robles-3

Background on the novelized version of Clockwork Angels 

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