Listen to Complete Remixed Vapor Trails

Rolling Stone has the complete remixed Vapor Trails album on its site if you want to listen to how all the pieces sound. Not sure how long the album will be available at the site, but for now it’s a good opportunity to see whether the remix is an improvement over the original 2002 album, the engineering for which Rush has never liked.


What’s clear is you can hear much more detail in the vocals and instruments, particularly Alex’s solo guitar and Neil’s snare drum. Some of Geddy’s vocal inflections that you didn’t know were there before are now apparent, and that’s interesting.


In “Ceiling Unlimited,” Alex comes in with a solo at about the 4-minute mark that was so muted before it was like it didn’t even exist on the original album. On “Ghost Rider,” Geddy’s bass takes on a whole new character, at least in some of the early parts.

In any case, what new elements you hear no doubt has as much to do with what you bring to the listening experience as anything else. On the whole, commentary on RushIsABand is highly positive.

Thanks to RushIsABand for the head’s up on the Rolling Stone player.


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