6 Ways Rush Can Preserve ‘Sam the Record Man’ Sign

Sam Sign

In undisclosed location

It was great to see Geddy go to bat this week on behalf of Toronto’s Sam the Record Man sign, which has been in storage in an undiscosed location while Ryerson Univerity decides what to do with it.

The sign helped define Toronto’s music scene for much of the rock era, serving as a beacon to the city’s young and restless as they converged downtown to absorb the city’s nightlife.



And Sam Sniderman, the irrepressible record-store owner who passed away last year, was a rock of support for Rush throughout its career.

So, it was fitting when Geddy said on September 27 that “Ryerson and the city of Toronto should absolutely preserve [this] important symbol of our past.”

To that end, I offer six suggestions to Geddy, Ryerson, and the City of Toronto on how Rush can play a role in preserving the sign:

FBN 1. Use it on the cover of a re-issued Fly by Night album.

NPD 2. Bring back Neil’s 2112-era drum kit.

2112 3. Bring back 2112 in a special edition.

MP 4. Donate it to the Royal Ontario Museum.

CA 5. Use it on the Clockwork Angels set should Rush decide to go back on the road for one last hurrah in support of its popular album.

GL 6. Of course, Geddy can do something hmself. He can issue a pair of custom-made “Geddy Glasses” that use the sign in the lenses. They’re almost as good-looking at the new Google glasses!

Good luck Ryerson University and City of Toronto as you grapple with this matter. Rush fans stand with your effort to save the Sam the Record Man sign, and in that spirit, I hope these suggestions are helpful.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

Thanks to RushIsABand for the head’s up on what’s happening with the sign.

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