Tribute to Toronto’s Sam the Record Man

Sam Sniderman, the tireless promoter of Canadian musical talent whose record store on Toronto’s Yonge St. was a landmark, passed away last week at 92. He was a fan and friend of Rush, and his son, Jason, became a friend of the band, too, even playing keyboards in Geddy’s 2000 solo album, My Favorite Headache.

UPDATE: The iconic “Sam the Record Man” sign is at risk of being lost. Here are six ways Rush can help preserve the sign for future generations. sam-home

The Ottowa Citizen quoted Geddy in its piece about sniderman, who, like the members of Rush, was a recipient of the Order of Canada.

“Sam took great pride in being the best friend of Canadian musicians. Sam truly helped chamge the way Canadians view homegrown talent.”

Canada Rocks! created a YouTube tribute to Sniderman using Rush’s “The Sprit of Radio” as the soundtrack.

More coverage from the Torontoist.

Thanks to Rush is a Band for the head’s up.

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