Lots of Rush Tributes and Covers in 2013

Just since the start of 2013 a number of bands and shows have come out with covers and tributes of Rush songs.

local hThe latest is Local H, a chicago group, which covers the “Overture and Temples of Syrinx” from “2112” on its EP called The Another February EP.


A Finnish death metal band called Omnium Gatherum is covering “Subdivisions” as a bonus track on an upcoming album, Beyond. Look for release in late February.

anthemsThen there’s Anthrax, one of the pioneering thrash metal bands, which includes a cover of “Anthem” on a tribute album that it calls, fittingly enough, Anthems. Release is slated for mid-March.

sonic elementsAnd Sonic Reality, which last year released a 5-track Rush tribute EP, is expanding the project into a full-length album. When it releases, it will be called Moving Signals and Waves.

On TV, a version of “Working Man” is used as the opening theme to the new HBO TV series Transporter. The arrangement is by Jamie Forsyth and the singer is Danielle Armstrong. The show will premiere in the U.S. this summer.


Lastly, as we learn from Rush is a Band, KROQ ran an article on the soundtrack for the 1998 film Small Soldiers titled “The Greatest Movie Soundtrack You’ve Never Heard.” The soundtrack included a remix of Tom Sawyer from Phoenix based DJ Z-Trip. sm soldiers

All of the information on these recent tributes is from Rush s a Band.

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