Own Alex’s ‘Brush of Hope’ Charity Painting

Alex joins Mike Myers, Leonard Cohen, and other Canadian artists, performers, and athletes in an eBay auction of their paintings to raise donations for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Oct. 31 note: For final auction results, go here.

“A little over eight years ago, my father passed away after two very difficult years of failing health,” Alex says. “Both his kidneys ceased to operate and he was on dialysis for over two years. Many times, he was nearly lost during his dialysis and it was heartbreaking to watch his demise, and that’s why this is especially important to me.”

The art auction begins at 4 p.m., Atlantic Tme, October 20, and runs to Oct. 30. To make a bid, go to eBay.ca during that 10-day span, type “kidney foundation” in the search box, then make your bid. To view and comment on Alex’s painting, click on it below to go to a Facebook page set up for it.

UPDATE: Alex in September 2013 talks about kidney disease in a 30-second TV spot for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

For more on A Brush of Hope, click on Alex below.

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