Alex’s ‘Brush of Hope’ Painting Leads Charity Pack

October 31 update: At the close of bidding, the Kidney Foundation of Canada had raised nearly $24,000. Alex’s painting, “Sun Dance,” sold for $7,000. Thirteen bidders over 10 days made 52 bids on his painting (left). Click here for bid history. Learn more about the auction. 

UPDATE: Alex in September 2013 talks about kidney disease in a 30-second TV spot for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Almost 50 people have bid up Alex’s charity painting “Sun Dance” to $6,100.00, the highest price by several orders of magnitude in the charity art auction underway by the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Other pieces of art attracting high bidder interest is “Only One Thing” by Leonard Cohen, the poet, writer, singer-songwriter, and composer. (His best-known song is probably “Hallelujah,” covered by Rufus Wainwright, k.d. laing, and Jeff Buckley, among others.) His painting stands at $704.75, with 25 bids. Kurt Browning, the figure skater and TV personality, has attracted 46 bids totaling $522.50 for his Angry Birds painting “What I (Over) Did This Summer.” And an untitled painting of a framed cloud puff by Mike Myers has attracted 22 people who’ve bid up his painting to $522.

The auction ends today, October 30.

Out of about 125 paintings, here are the top eight paintings by bidding:

 Alex, “Sun Dance,” 48 bids, $6,100.00
Leonard Cohen, “Only One Thing,” 25 bids, $704.75

Kurt Browning (skater, TV personality), “What I (Over) Did This Summer, 46 bids, $522.50

Mike Myers, untitled, 22 bids, $522.00

Chef Michael Smith, untitled, 25 bids, $486.37

Susan Jacks (singer-songwriter), untitled, 27 bids, $405

Matt Anderson (blues musician), untitled, 28 bids, $402.00

Justin Trudeau (Member of Parliament), “Tattoo: A Tribute to Robert Davidson, 22 bids, $397.04

Want to make a bid yourself? Go to the auction page before the end of today.

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