Possible Dates for 2015 Rush Tour Circulating

3042.fAlthough nothing offical has been announced, there are signs the groundwork is being laid for a 2015 Rush tour. Ed at RushIsABand has pulled together the information that’s dribbling out and pieced together the following dates:

Boston June 23 at TD Gardens
New York City June 29 at Madison Square Garden
Las Vegas in late June or early August

Based on interviews Alex and Geddy have given over the last year or so, the tour could be a look-back over the band’s 40 years, featuring pieces that don’t typically get played, like “Jacob’s Ladder.” They’ve also talked about playing an entire album, like they did Moving Pictures during the Time Machine tour.

Alex has also talked about introducing some new material, although that might be entirely aspirational. “In my mind, ideally, we’d go out with a couple of new songs, and revisit some old stuff, maybe stuff we haven’t previously played,” he said in a Radio.com interview he and Geddy gave last month.

Whether they have new music in 2015 or not, it sounds like the two of them are itching to start writing again. The last time they got together, Alex said, “we were both champing at the bit to get together and start writing. He wants to try out his millions of new bass guitars. So we’ll do some writing, and we’ll see where that goes.”

And we know that Neil is at least thinking about lyrics. He said in a piece he wrote in April for Rhythm magazine that an idea pushed its way into his head while he was heading up the Calfornia coast to try out some new drum shells.  “I . . . laughed at myself for having a lyrical idea,” he says. “‘You’re not supposed to be doing that yet!’”

RushIsABand has more detail on the tour.

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From the publisher of Rush Vault:

Rush: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Excellence


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“A very in-depth conversation from Rush’s start to the present. It is not a lot to read. You probably won’t rifle through this in a single sitting, and the author will likely challenge a lot of your interpretations of many of the songs. But more than worth considering the impact on Rush lyrics far beyond Rand and Aristotle. Pick it up.”—Alan L. Emery

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