It’s 21/12—International Rush Day

Every December 21, which is written “21/12” in much of the world, is International Rush Day in recognition of the band’s breakout piece and album, “2112.” It’s not an official day, but you never know. It might become one before long.

In recognition of the big day, here’s Rush playing 2112 in 1976, the year the album came out:

Part 1

Part 2


Happy #RushDay!

 More This and That.

From the publisher of Rush Vault:

Rush: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Excellence


Great book, read slowly to fully enjoy it
“A very in-depth conversation from Rush’s start to the present. It is not a lot to read. You probably won’t rifle through this in a single sitting, and the author will likely challenge a lot of your interpretations of many of the songs. But more than worth considering the impact on Rush lyrics far beyond Rand and Aristotle. Pick it up.”—Alan L. Emery

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