Rush ‘Excellence’ Book No. 4 Bestseller on . . . What?


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A  big Thumb’s up to Amazon.

Rush: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence has reached No. 4 in Amazon’s bestselling ranks for . . . vocal music books?

Thanks to the algorithms used by the world’s largest online retail site, a book of music criticism shares space with 21 easy piano pieces from Adele’s blockbuster 2011 album and vocal music from Les Miserables.

It would be ungrateful not to appreciate Amazon’s mistake, so thanks are duly extended.

But kudos to Amazon’s algorithms for pairing up the book, in its “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” section, with Neil Peart’s upcoming collection of blog essays, Far and Near, which is still in pre-order mode, and Chris McDonald’s 2009 book, Rush, Rock Music and the Middle Class, which was a groundbreaking book in its way, because it was the first serious look at the band that made it into the popular press.

cover-amaz I’m looking forward to Neil’s upcoming book. I’ve already read all the essays that will be in it; they’re posted as monthly installments on his blog. But his writing, like his lyrics, always benefit from multiple readings, so the compilation is welcomed.

Ideally, the Amazon algorithms will continue to make mistakes like the one they made today. I’m hoping that, since my Rush book goes into political philosophy, the algorithms will pair it up wit Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices. There isn’t much intersection between the two books, but she has the name recognition while my book has the right soundtrack.


From Amazon . . .

Great book, read slowly to fully enjoy it
“A very in depth conversation from Rush’s start to the present. It is not a lot read. You probably won’t rifle through this in a single sitting, and the author will likely challenge a lot of your interpretations of many of the songs. But more than worth considering the impact on Rush lyrics far beyond Rand and Aristotle. Pick it up.”—Alan L. Emery

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