RushCon 2014 to be in Toronto, August 22-24

rushcon2014The fine people at RushCon have sent out their announcement for this year’s get-together. It will be in Rush’s home town of Toronto, August 22-24, so the snow and cold should be hone and the sun shining. Best of all, if you fly there, your luggage tag will have the “YYZ” airport code on it, so you’ll have something yo put on your refrigerator wen you get back. “We know it’s a bit far away for some West Coasters, but we promise it’ll be worth your while,” say the RushCon staff. “We have a beautiful new venue, and some great stuff planned! We will announce all schedule, travel and lodging information in the next couple of weeks. NOW is the time to request time off from work and plan to have the best August ever!” RushCon also provided a head’s up that it’s looking for Rush tribute bands to audition for the

anthem office

Anthem office

event. “Think your band has what it takes to perform in front of the most die-hard Rush fans in the world? This year’s convention will feature a tribute concert, on Saturday, August 23. The band to play will be chosen by blind vote by Rush fans of discerning taste and sharp ears.” If you’re interested in finding out more, send an e-mail to so you can be on the list to receive submission information once it’s ready. RushCon was in Toronto last year as well. The group went to Anthem’s office, spent some time in Massey Hall, Lakeside Park, and Copps Coliseum, where they attended Rush’s Clockwork Angels concert. More from RushCon.   More This and That.

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  1. I went to Rushcon III in 2003. I had a blast, I played the acoustic singalong and Rush Jeopardy. The best part is that I met people who I still talk to today. It’s a great experience!

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