Theaters Not Up to Challenge of Showcasing Rush

Fans anticipating a memorable night earlier this week when theaters around the country premiered Rush’s Clockwork Angels Tour DVD did indeed have a memorable night, but often for the wrong reason.


Although many fans said the theater presentation came off without a hitch, many more described the showing as a comedy of errors, with late starts, sudden stops, and bad sound.

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“We got totally hosed by the theater,” said RUSHnATL on RushIsABand. “They started the show late with NO SOUND, then shut off the video to try to correct the sound problem and finally got things running about 7:30ish. Ran through the 2nd half, then some of the documentary portion, but then went to another clip and just halted mid sentence.”

“I’ll never get fooled again by going to see [a Rush release] in theatre,” said cameraeye. It “was a good crowd experience, being among Rushies, but the sound sucked big time.”

“It’s as if we were only hearing the center channel and the surround speakers, but no left and right up front,” said bigD2112, who saw the show in Walnut Creek, Calif.

AMC seemed to be the theater chain with the most problems, and several fans said they got a refund or a free ticket to another show because of the problems.

Of course, the presentation went off like clockwork in many places as well. “I thought the sound and the show was spot on,” said holeinone53575, who saw the show in Madison. Wis.

Separate from the threater experience, many fans complained that the editing of the concert footage is beyond ridiculous, with cuts coming every few seconds without rest, as if the editor was afraid to let the action on stage stand on its own merits. “A worse photographic record of this tour I cannot imagine,” said The One True Neo. “The director seemingly had no plan and lacked an appreciation of the band, their music and the significance of this tour.”

“It’s [as if] someone in the editing bay said, “This is exciting rock music, so we need to have exciting zooms and pans and cuts every .72 seconds!'” said CheeseCorn

“It really seems like there is no method to the madness on this one,” said Geddimus Prime, “just a hodgepodge of angles thrown together without much forethought.”

Not everyone was disappointed in the editing, but based on the comments going back and forth on RushIsABand, most by far took a negative view of it. “The company who did this ruined what could have been the best ever with some poor decisions,” said moving my pictures.


The only point on which everyone agreed is the songs are great and the band played well. Now, if only the others involved in these productions could reach the same level of excellence . . . .

Read the back-and-forth commentary on RushIsABand.

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