Alex: Ray Danniels is Busy Making Plans

AL, page-iommiThree months since the close of the Clockwork Angels tour, Alex has been making the rounds in London, accepting the Spirit of Prog award at the Roll of Honour awards hosted by Classic Rock magazine and dropping by the Planet Rock studios for an impromptu chat with Darren Redick.

Rock Awards

At the awards ceremony, Alex kept his acceptance speech brief, limiting it to a crack about crack and the Toronto mayor’s taste for it. “I’m wondering if we got a sympathy vote because we’re from Toronto,” he said. “I got a call from the mayor saying he heard they were serving Krak-en here. He’s going to be disappointed.”

Rick Wakeman of Yes, which has been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, handed Alex his award. “This is a man I truly admire,” Wakeman said.”He formed the band in 1968. His wife came up with the band name shortly after they first made love. He was in hospital earlier this afternoon after misunderstanding the instructions on a Dyson ball cleaner. . .”

After the program, rock photographer Ross Halfin took a picture of Alex with Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi. See above.


In his conversation with Redick, Alex said Rush has no plans to make plans until 2015 at the earliest. “We promised each other we wouldn’t talk about work for a year,” Alex said. “Our manager, Ray, wasn’t part of that conversation, so he’s busy making plans. All three of us are enjoying not talking about the band.”

He said he’s been spending most of his time at home with his family and two grand children. “We don’t travel that much for fun—take your shoes off, take your belt off. . .” although he and his wife, Charlene, did spend 10 days in Italy last month, he said. cat_cd

Alex talked about the upcoming release of Rush’s Clockwork Angels Tour DVD, which Rush recorded in Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio. AL-planetRedick wondered whether the band chose those venues because the food is particularly good or the crowd attractive, but Alex said it was more prosaic than that, since it’s just about timing: they need several months to assemble the crews and get everything ready, and they need to be ready, too, as musicians. “If we do it earlier in the tour we’re fresher, a little more energized, but it seems that later in the tour we’re playing at our peak, so it’s a bit of a trade-off.”

The DVD, like the ones before it, has come to replace the live albums the band used to do every four albums, he said. “It’s a chronicle of the tour,” he said.

Thanks to RushIsABand for the head’s up on the awards and interview.

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