75% Hope Rush and Terry Brown Get Back Together


The results are in and on the basis of just under 1,000 poll responses, three-quarters of fans want to see Terry Brown in the studio the next time Rush records an album. As one fan said on RushIsABand, which linked to the poll, “Come back Terry! Rush is where they were in 1974. They need you!”


The vote count as of Nov. 8 was 676 (74 percent) in favor of Rush and Terry Brown collaborating on the band’s next album, 136 (15 percent) in favor of putting the lid on the Rush-Terry Brown chapter, and 81 (9 percent) wanting to know if Amy Lee is available. The remaining 22 votes (2 percent) mostly told me to stuff it. “Dumbest blogpost on the internet. Really,” one person said.

steve wilson

I thought it was interesting that the producer whose name came up the most unsolicited is Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree. (The photo of him at right is by Naki Kouyioumtzis.) Several people volunteered him as someone Rush should consider working with if getting back together with Terry Brown isn’t in the cards and they want to try someone other than Nick Raskulinecz.

Porcupine Tree This is not a bad idea, since Alex is a fan of Porcupine Tree and even worked with them on their 2007 album Fear of a Blank Planet. Wilson has also worked with Storm Corrosion, No-Man, Blackfield, Bass Communion, and IEM.

I still like the idea of Terry and Rush getting back together, and the main argument I would make is, Rush has no other mountains to climb. They have conquered all. What better way to close the circle than to get back together with the “fourth member of Rush” and see what happens?

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Here’s the poll, if you haven’t taken it:

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  1. ALWAYS a strong union! Together they made GREAT albums!

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