Alex: Love and Goodness, Yes. God, No

Alex in a one-page interview with Classic Rock Magazine says he believed in God when he was younger but starting with his teenage years he stopped and it’s been that way ever since. “I had friends who were Jesus freaks, others were just very spiritual, and we had these long discussions about these things,” he told Paul Elliott for the magazine’s “Heavy Load” feature. “But as I get older it becomes a less and less sensible thing to think about.” Alex-Load

The goal of life, he says, is “to be a good person, to live your life sharing, being considerate of others, and loving: passing something forward. It’s less about making money and getting ahead—which is easy to say when you’ve had success.”

Alex listed Rush’s two worst songs as “Tai Shan,” the piece from Hold Your Fire about climbing Mount Tai in China and catching a glimpse of immortality, a song Geddy has never been a fan of either, and the “Panacea” section of “The Fountain of Lamneth.” In “Panacea,” the hero spends his nights drinking hot toddies by the fire with the goddess-like Panacea before forcing himself to resume his journey to the mountain in the east.  “It was an attempt at something that didn’t really work out. It was . . . innocent.”

The “Heavy Load” feature is a regularly occurring section of the magazine with the goal of covering heavy topics in a non-heavy way. Asked about drugs, Alex says he likes cannabis the best, but he tried ecstasy in the 1990s and liked the high it gave him. He recounted a story in which he and his wife Charlene got dressed up and listened to Nine Inch Nails and Tool in their living room. “We had such a  ball.”

On his Florida incident, he said he was tasered five times and it was as bad an experience as you can imagine. “Your body’s shuddering, you’re in extreme pain. . . . Your whole body is uncontrollable. It lasts about eight seconds but it feels like a couple of minutes.”

You can read a scan of the interview on RushIsABand. Thanks to Ed for reporting on the article.

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