Cygnus-X1 Archiving ‘The Spirit of Rush’ Zine


Thanks to a head’s up from Ed at RushIsABand, we learn that John at Cygnus-X1 is archiving all of the old issues of The Spirit of Rush, a pre-Internet, typewritten Rush fanzine that was published out of London from 1987 to 2002.

mick bunett

Mick Burnett

“Hello, and welcome to the first issue of ‘The Spirit of Rush,’ the editor of the zine, Mick Burnett, says in his first issue, published in the summer of 1987. “This fanzine you now hold in your hands is the culmination of four years of frustration waiting for the band to tour Europe again. I just had to do something in the meantime, or go mad!!!”

The zine came out quarterly and originally cost 5.50 pounds ($9) for a subscription. It contained original essays, graphic comics, reprints of album and concert reviews, and reprints of album liner notes, among other things.


In his inaugural editorial, Burnett invites readers to contribute essays and artwork to the publication. “Why not try your hand at putting pictures to Neil’s lyrics?” he writes. “I need your contribitions to keep the zine interesting.”

Cygnus2 It was this zine for which Dave Hornsby created his two Hemispheres comics, which have been circulating online for years. You can see those here.

Burnett passed away in 2002 from a heart attack, ending the zine after 60 issues. “It’s clear to see just how much passion Mick and others had for the fanzine,” says John at Cygnus-X1. “So much so that, as I began to look forward with my own aspirations for this Rush fan site, I decided, instead, to look back.”

John is archiving the collection and has posted issues from the first two and-a-half years. He says all of the issues will go online. “Each issue will be carefully scanned and presented on individual pages for all to enjoy,” he says. “New issues will be posted on a weekly basis in chronological order. ”

Spirit-7Helping John with the task are two alumni from the zine, Monica Zimmerman, a former contributor, and Janet Balmer, one of the co-editors.

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