‘Superb Silences’ from Clockwork Angels Cello Player

Szekely Trio

Jacob Szekely is one of the string musicians that performed with Rush on its Clockwork Angels tour and, just in time for the tour’s end (which is today, actually, August 2), Szekely has come out with a debut album for a trio he’s put together.

Jacob Szekely Trio is 36 minutes of jazz fusion that another reviewer, Brian Arsenault, has described as having superb silences. Well, the sounds are superb, too.

Szekely with Geddy

“The cello in Szekely’s special hands is transformative,” Arsenault says on The International Review of Music. “At times a guitar, a bass guitar, a violin, a harp. But always, always a cello.”

One of the interesting things about Rush’s Clockwork Angels album is its use of Szekely and the other string musicians to round out the band’s hard rock sound. Szekely is one of two cello players on the eight-person ensemble. The others are violinists.

They’re all accomplished musicians and it’s great to see what they can do outside of Rush. What’s even greater is that Rush has likely exposed their music to an audience that wouldn’t have otherwise paid their style of music much attention, at least among some of them.

For me, jazz  fusion has always been an on-off affair. I still think of it as  a Jean Luc Ponty record, which shows you how badly my impression of the genre needs updating. Szekely’s six-track MP3 release is just the thing to show me how interesting it can be.

The tracks are full of clean lines and soulful melodies, and there’s a warm camaraderie to the interaction of the drums, keyboard, and Szekely’s cello.

In the video above, you can listen to a 30-second sample from one of the pieces, called “Dig.”

The release also has a piece called “Morning Rush,” but I think it has more to do with getting to work in the morning than listening to Clockwork Angels or some other Rush album. But, in either case, it’s terrifc music that indeed makes for great listening, especially if you’re sitting in traffic—during the morning rush.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

$5.94 on Amazon

Released May 1 as MP3 only
Jazz fusion

1. Corner Song
2. Morning Rush
3. Balance
4. Diana’s Lullaby
5. Dig
6. Postlude: Houston

36:36 total running time

Go to the Jacob Szekely Trio website.

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