Happy Bastille Day: Video of Rush’s Classic Track

stormingThe French peasantry stormed the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789, signaling the revolt of the people against the monarchy. Revolution was a favorite topic of Rush’s in the early days. In “Bastille Day,” Alex, Geddy, and Neil took on the good and the bad aspects of the French Revolution, and in “Beneath, Between and Behind,” they took on the good and the bad of the American Revolution. “A Farewell to Kings” is all about revolution, too, if you agree with Chris McDonald’s take on the song in his book Rush, Rock Music, and the Middle Class

To help celebrate Bastille Day 2013, here’s a live version of Rush’s progressive metal classic from 1976. YouTube has inserted a commercial at the start of it, but if you watch it here on this site, without going to YouTube, the commercial doesn’t play.

comparison4 Aaaand . . . speaking of Caress of Steel, I think the image on the album cover, when looked at from afar, looks a lot like an Indian head penny. Take a look. —Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

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  1. I believe that we as Americans are in a peaceful revolution right now. This is an article that my fiance and I wrote last year about the lyrics in Bastille Day and how they relate to what’s going on in America right now. http://thedragonline.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/the-dragon-line-bastille-day-2012/

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