Donna Halper, Gerry Hilera, and Blame Canada at 2013 RatCon

ratcon2010Lance Kasten, Petie Lee, and Kelly D. are once again hosting RatCon, a day and a half of fun centered around one of the band’s concerts. This year it’s at the June 21 concert in Hershey Park, Pa.

The get-together starts Friday, June 21, at 4 p.m., at the RatCon “AIRship” in the parking lot of Giant Center in Hershey Park for the pre-concert tailgating party, and then it moves into the arena for the Rush concert.

RatCon continues the next day, Saturday, June 22, at Club Xanadu (the organizers’ house in Severna Park, Md.) for food and fun around the swimming pool to listen to Washington, D.C.—based Rush cover band Blame Canada. The band will play four one-hour sets, including one set covering Permanent Waves in its entirety. Look for a life-sized image of Paula Turnbull to make an appearance. paula

Joining the fun at Club Xanadu will be Donna Halper, Rush’s radio champion who helped put Alex, Geddy, and Neil on the map in 1974 with her promotion of “Working Man,” and Gerry Hilera, one of the violin players with the Clockwork Angels string ensemble.

A memorable menu is planned. “This year we have hired a guest chef who will be grillin’ up turkey and beef all day on the smoker,” say the people at RatCon. “We will also have plenty of sides, salads, munchies, and other tasty delights to keep your rat bellies full throughout the day. Beverages will include our famous “Rat Juice,” beer, wine, and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks as well.”

According to Kasten, “RatCon” comes from a conversation he had with a friend who compared long-time Rush fans to rats. After years of scarcity, starved Rush fans suddenly have had more music and news from the band than they can digest, yet they can’t stop feeding on it. “This is not our usual feeding pattern and we are confused little animals,” the friend said. “Like the rats we are, we just keep pulling the treat handle and hoping the pellets never stop coming. Some day the echo of pellets will no longer ring in our rodent brains and then what the hell are we going to talk about?”

Registration is $75. For another $25 you get the RatCon T-shirt. The Rush concert ticket isn’t included. Registration ends Saturday, June 14, at 21:12 hours, Eastern Time, and is limited to 75 people.

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