Send Your Canadian Mail Using Rush Stamp

R stampIn case you missed it on Rush is a Band, Canada’s postal service, Canada Post, is rolling out postage stamps recognizing accomplished Canadian Rock artists, including Rush, The Guess Who, The Tragically Hip, and Beau Dommage. Stamps will be available starting July 10 in booklets of 10 for $6.30.

UPDATE: JULY 19 is release date for the new stamps.  On July 19 and afterward, you can order them online at Canada Post’s store.

This will be the forth issue in a series launched earlier this year to honor Canadian music legends.

“Just in time for the celebration of Canadian music and musicians at the JUNO awards next week,” says Jim Phillips, director of stamp services for Canada Post, “Canada Post is proud to give Canadians a preview of this edition of the Canadian Recording Artist stamp series, to be released in July, featuring for the first time, Canadian bands. Each band has achieved national acclaim, along with international radio air-time and extensive tours.”

Order Rush stamps now. 

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