Rock Hall Induction: Who’s Who at Rush’s Table

Thanks to some of the video footage guests provided at Rush’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction April 18, we have a composite* image of the band members at their table enjoying the evening with their wives and manager Ray Danniels.

RH-Rush table

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Here are a few more images of Alex, Geddy, and Neil enjoying the evening with their wives.


Nancy and Geddy


Alex and Charlene


Neil and Carrie

* It’s a composite image because Carrie and Ray Danniels were partially obscured, so the image was enhanced with other images taken a few seconds later, so everyone on the one side of the table could be seen at once.

More images:

NA and CGNA and C

GN and R



lifeson18re8 Speaking of Charlene Zivojinovich, she gives the Toronto Globe and Mail a tour her the country house that she and Alex had built this year.




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