Lot of Fun to Come Out of Toronto Star Oral Rush History

Thanks to a head’s up from Rush is a Band, we learn that the Toronto Star on Thursday will be publishing RUSH: An Oral History based on interviews Star reporter Vinay Menon conducted with Alex, Geddy, Neil, Terry Brown, Pegi Cecconi, and others who have a long history with the band. More than two dozen interviews were conducted in all.

Star Oral 2

Based on excerpts provided by the Star, it’s one big yuck-up when the three of them are off stage. Long-time producer Terry Brown talks about how the band members covered him with tambourines and percussion instruments while he slept at the recording console one night so that when he woke up—well, you get the picture.

And Peter Collins, producer of Rush’s albums in 1985, 1987, and 1993, talks about the time Alex dressed up as King Lerxst in Montserrat and rode a flatbed truck back and forth to the studio proclaiming a holiday for the workers—except that “the workers” were all unemployed. (Alex wrote about his time as King Lerxst in the Power Windows tour book. You can read an excerpt of it under “He made a Good King, Mon.” 

It looks like a lot of new stories of the band will be coming out of the oral history, which will be published Thursday, April 18, as a downloadable e-booklet for $2.99 or in exchange for subscribing to the paper. “This is RUSH in their own words,” the paper says. ” To get your copy, subscribe for only $1/week at StarDispatches.com or purchase for $2.99 at iTunes.com/stardispatches.”

Read the Star’s article on its upcoming oral history.

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