‘Closer to the Heart’ is Called Canada’s 70s Rock Anthem

Thanks to a head’s up from Rush is a Band, we learn that the Canadian radio show “Q with John Ghomeshi” held a contest to see what should be Canada’s 70s rock anthem. The effort was inspired by “a passionate battle” going on in Massachusetts to identify their official 70s rock anthem. I’m thinking they’re going pick something from Boston’s debut album. How could they not?


In any case, the winner of the “Q” effort won’t be a surpries, because it’s the classic Rush anthem from that period: “Closer to the Heart.”

John Ghomeshi asks if they made the right choice. That would be like asking if apple pie is the right summer dessert for America. Of course it’s the right choice!

Here is John Ghomeshi’s blog post:

The long wait is finally over. Inspired by the passionate fight going on in Massachusetts right now over which song will become its official state rock song. We decided to launch our own Q contest to find Canada’s official 70s rock anthem and you sent us a deluge of nominations.

The Q team powered through the flood of entries and after some passionate deliberations a winner was chosen… RUSH. “Closer to the Heart”.

Was this the right winner? Is “Closer to the Heart” worthy of official rock anthem status? Let us know your thoughts.

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