Geddy Credits Fans for Rock Hall Nomination

Geddy sat down with Jim Kerr for his Q104.3 Rock and Roll Morning Show in New York yesterday and credited Rush’s fans for playing such a large role in making the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination and induction happen.


“They championed this for many years and it became a big priority to [them] to turn people onto our music and the depth of our catalogue,” Geddy said, “and I’m very appreciative to them, because it’s a very nice honor and we’ll be happy to show up on April 18 and collect our kudos. So, it’s going to be fun.”

Geddy also said it helped that the critical community has started coming around to the band more. When you add that with the voice of its fans, it created a good moment for them to be inducted. “The last couple of tours have been very successful and the last couple of albums have been getting critical acclaim, which is something that escaped us for many years,” he said. “A combination of things came together at the right moment to make [the nomination] happen.”

More important than the awards, he said, is the continuing chemistry that he, Alex, and Neil share at this late stage of their career, both creatively and as friends.

“We feel very lucky that we are still able to make music together, that we’ve been a band together for so long, and that we still enjoy it together,” he said. “We’re pals and we have a good time doing what we do, so we feel very fortunate. That’s really our priority. The creative process and playing live.”

He said the three of them have greatly enjoyed having the string musicians traveling with them on the Clockwork Angels tour. They like the camaraderie and Geddy thinks the fans enjoy it too, because it adds a refreshing touch.

Kerr encouraged Geddy to write his memoir, but Geddy didn’t take the bait, saying he’s still too young for a memoir and also he’s waiting for them to have a big scandal so he can have something to write about. And, in any case, Neil is the one “who writes books.”

Many of the readers at Rush is a Band who commented on the interview noted Geddy’s graciousness in his remarks and the good rapport he shared with Kerr, and I think they hit the nail on the head. A class act all the way around. Thanks to Rush is a Band for the head’s up.

Watch the 18-minute interview above.

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