Rare 1977 Video: Alex and his Guitars

Thanks to a head’s up from Rush is a Band, we learn about a rare 35-year-old video interview just posted on YouTube with Alex talking about his guitars.


The video is labeled “1975,” but as Ed at Rush is a Band points out, the video was taken at a September gig with UFO and that matches up with the band’s 1977 touring schedule. The band never played with UFO in 1975. What’s more, in the video Alex talks about his Gibson double-neck, which he had made for A Farewell to Kings, which came out in 1977.

The video looks like it was originally recorded on 16-millimeter film, not video, and later converted. In it, Alex talks about the half dozen or so guitars he was using at the time, most of them Gibson, starting with his custom-made Gibson ES 355 TD hollow body, which for a while he kept stuffed with cotton to cut down on “microphonics,” which just refers to unwanted electrical noise. Next he showed his 1968 Gibson ES 335 TD hollow body, one of his first guitars.

Other guitars he talks about:

  • Gibson Les Paul standard solid body, which he uses as a practice guitar because he can’t get the same level of clarity out of it that he can from his hollow-body Gibsons
  • Modified Gibson ES double-neck
  • Acoustic Gibson 12-string
  • Epiphone acoustic

What makes Alex’s playing unique? You decide!

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  1. Awesome footage! I suppose Lerxt is a Gibson guy at heart. But I do understand why he went PRS for a while. You can get the same growl with the option of the brightness. It took half of the Clockwork Angels show to realize he was playing a Gibson. I thought he was playing a McCarty PRS. In any case, it seems that no matter what’s used, the soup is always warm and yummy.


    • Yeah, I really like the Gibson sound, and I like the intonation of the hollow body. You can really tell the difference. Thanks for the note.

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