Follow Neil, Michael, and Brutus While on CA Tour

Neil and his motorcycling pals Brutus and Michael Mosbach have set up a Twitter handle to give followers updates while they’re on the road for the upcoming Clockwork Angels tour. The North American leg of the tour opens September 7 in Manchester, N.H., and ends December 2 in Houston. The European leg opens May 22, 2013, in Manchester, England, and ends June 10 in Helsinki, although more dates are expected to be announced. Brutus is Neil’s long-time riding buddy and Mosbach is the band’s security director and has been Neil’s cycling partner for the last several tours.

Neil, Brutus, and Michael are using the handle West Side Beemer Boys and their Twitter address is @praetorianx1. They’ll be tweeting updates of their travels and travails and posting photos as they cycle between tour dates. “Welcome one welcome all!” they say in their introductory tweet. “This misfit band of a twitter page will be up to speed oddities of words and photos! Of the 2012 CA tour . . . ”

The new handle was announced in late July (thanks, Rush is a Band) and they’ve already got more than 2,600 followers.

Click this address,, to follow, or click on the Twitter image at right.

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