The Wreckers: Water

Water is one of the four elemental runes along with earth, air, and fire.


“Narrowly escaping a frozen death in that desert, I made my way back to Poseidon, and found a berth on a homeward ship. Caught in a terrible storm, we seemed to find salvation in an unexpected signal light. Steering toward it, we soon learned it was false—placed by the denizens to lure ships to their doom on the jagged reefs. They plundered the cargos and abandoned the crews and passengers to the icy waves. I was the only survivor.”


The symbol looks like waves, or rough seas, and that’s what “The Wreckers” is about. The protagonist’s ship is caught in a hurricane and it sees a beacon of light, so it steers there in the hopes of finding safety. But the light is a trick and the ship is destroyed on unseen reefs and only the protagonist survives. Neil has said he had in mind a small band of Englishmen hundreds of years ago who lived on the southwest coast of the country. They would set up a light in a dangerous part of the coast to attract ships at night caught in stormy weather seeking safety. The ships would crash on the unseen rocks, and the Englishmen would plunder the ships of anything of value. In this tale we get a glimpse of the depths of human depravity.

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