The Garden: Earth

Earth is one of the four elemental symbols and is considered cold and dry and is associated with salt, as in “salt of the earth.”


“Long ago I read a story from another timeline about a character named Candide. He also survived a harrowing series of misadventures and tragedies, then settled on a farm near Constantinople. Listening to a philosophical rant, Candide replied, ‘That is all very well, but now we must tend our garden.’ I have now arrived at that point in my own story. There is a metaphorical garden in the acts and attitudes of a person’s life, and the treasures of that garden are love and respect. I have come to realize that the gathering of love and respect – from others and for myself – has been the real quest of my life. ‘Now we must tend our garden.’”


We’ve come to the symbol for earth, and we see the protagonist in the manner of the salt of the earth. He’s with the ones who are genuinely close to him, loved and respected, which are the universal goals we all seek, even in a world that has no plan. Again, the world is godless, but he has created his own Eden, spending his days cultivating his garden.

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