The 5 Most Mispronounced Rushisms

Language is a delicate flower that is easily trampled. And there are a number of Rushisms that have been trampled over the years. I think I’ve identified the five that have suffered the most indignities. If I’ve missed some others, let me know.


1. Red Barchetta (barˈketta): Everyone wants to pronounce the “ch” as you would in “church,” but it’s pronounced like a hard “k.” So, Barchetta, which means “little boat” in Italian, is pronounced “barketta.”

2. Ayn Rand (ˈaɪn ˈrænd): Everyone wants to say “ann” or “ain” but the first name of the Russian-American Objectivism founder is pronounced “ine,” as in “line.”

3. Neil Peart (ˈpɪərt): Everyone wants to say “pert” but it’s “peert.” D’uh!

4. YYZ (ˈzɛd): The “Z” in the call letters for Toronto Pearson International Airport is pronounced “zed,” which is the Anglo-European-French pronunciation. The U.S. is pretty much alone in pronouncing it “zee,” and in fact “zee” is considered bad form in Canada, although it’s apparently becoming more popular among the young. Trying to be bad-ass, I guess.

 5. Yonge St. (yung): I can’t speak for the British on the pronunciation of Toronto’s main drag, up and down which Rush played in its early years as a bar band. But Americans want to say “Yonge” with the same “o” as in “long,” but it’s pronounced the same as “young,” as in “Neil Young,” who, as it happens, played Yonge St. quite a bit in the 1960s when he was in the Mynah Birds with Rick James. In fact, there’s an effort on Facebook to get the name of Yonge St. changed to Neil Young St. Neil Young is one of the greats, but personally I think there’s a better chance of it getting changed to Rush St.


5. Rush Limbo (límbō): This is definitely pronounced “lim-bo,” not to be confused at any time and for any reason with Rush “Limbaugh.” That would be very bad indeed!—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

~ by rvkeeper on July 8, 2012.

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