Jacob Moon’s ‘Subdivisions:’ Anatomy of a Good Cocktail Party Story

If you caught last year’s induction of Rush into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, you saw Jacob Moon perform his acoustic version of “Subdivisions” at the gala: As Moon tells the story, he made a video of himself playing the piece in 2008 on the rooftop of a Hamilton, Ontario, theater: After the video became popular, thanks in part to Rush fans passing the video along to one another, he sent it to Rush’s management. The band took a look, loved it, and asked him to play the piece at the 2010 gala. Later that year, he was invited to play the piece at RushCon, the annual Rush fan convention: He also played the piece at the premier of the Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage. Then, another video of him playing the piece, at what looks like a small Christian gathering, was posted: At both RushCon and the Christian gathering, he talks about meeting the band and how he asked Neil to give him one word to take back with him. Neil gives him the word “subdivisions,” which Moon recorded, and now he uses that recording when he plays the piece. No doubt some of the popularity of his cover stems from the novelty of translating a keyboard-heavy song into a song for acoustic guitar. It’s a translation Moon carries out well. Click on the videos to watch the evolution of Moon’s cover of “Subdivisions” over the three-year period.


Fast forward to August 2013 and Moon has announced plans to release a CD, called Fascinations, that features covers of Rush’s “Subdivisions” and “Limelight” as well as tunes by Yes, Marillion, Peter Gabriel, and Radiohead.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

UPDATE: Moon released an album in November 2013 that includes “Subdivisions” and “Limelight.” Learn more.

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